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ACEADIA – Joyfully Free Soul

Immerse yourself in the captivating spirit of New York City with “Joyfully Free Soul” by Aceadia. This enchanting perfume embodies the charm, resilience, and dynamism of Aceadia, a top-notch real estate agent who has mastered the art of transforming houses into homes within the city’s fast-paced heartbeat.

Aceadia’s journey through the skyscrapers and picturesque lanes of New York City, her tireless dedication in helping individuals find roommates and seamlessly renew or transition from their leases, shines through in every note of this unique fragrance.

“Joyfully Free Soul” reflects Aceadia’s deep understanding of her clients’ needs and her unparalleled knowledge of the city’s neighborhoods. From the lively lanes of Midtown to the elegant streets of Midtown East and the bustling corners of Midtown South, her expertise is a fundamental part of this fragrance’s persona. Like Aceadia herself, who fluently connects with her diverse clientele in English and Conversational Cantonese, “Joyfully Free Soul” speaks to everyone in a language they can connect with.

Now, embark on a sensory journey. “Joyfully Free Soul” opens with a thrilling medley of top notes. Lychee and rhubarb provide a refreshing burst of fruity sweetness, accented by the stimulating zest of bergamot and the exotic hint of nutmeg, capturing the dynamic pulse of New York City and the vibrant energy that fuels Aceadia’s successful career.

As you venture deeper, you’ll encounter the heart of the fragrance. Here, the voluptuous aroma of Turkish rose and peony mingles with the soothing undertones of musk and petalia, rounded off with a delicate whisper of vanilla. These middle notes reflect the elegant allure and architectural beauty of the city Aceadia passionately serves.

Finally, surrender to the warm embrace of the base notes – a luxurious blend of cashmeran, cedar, smoky incense, and Haitian vetiver. These notes resonate with the stability and trust Aceadia provides her clients, grounding the fragrance with an enduring sophistication and exotic richness.

Just like Aceadia’s unwavering commitment to her clients, “Joyfully Free Soul” pledges to be there for every moment of your journey. Feel free to reach out to her, and allow “Joyfully Free Soul” to be the perfume that tells your story, accentuating your fabulous, free, and ever-evolving spirit.

Notes: Turkish Rose . Litchi . Rhubarb . Musk . Bergamot . Nutmeg . Peony . Cashmere . Petalia . Vanilla

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