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Floral Bundle

Introducing the Floral Bundle by Preposition Perfumery, a captivating collection that transports you into the enchanting worlds of three iconic characters.

Experience XI: Dive into the alluring journey of Anastasia Steele with XI. Delicate Turkish rose and tangy rhubarb intertwine, echoing Anastasia’s bold spirit and blossoming romance. Surrender to the seductive embrace of vanilla and musk, mirroring her intimate discoveries. XI is a fragrance that ignites passion and self-discovery, enveloping you in the tantalizing allure of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Indulge in CM: Immerse yourself in the world of glamour and sophistication with CM, inspired by the vibrant Rebecca Bloomwood. Effervescent pink berry and sparkling bergamot capture Rebecca’s vivacious charm, while powdery rose and iris evoke her impeccable taste. Let the luscious raspberry and sandalwood embrace you, empowering your inner shopaholic to seize every moment with confidence and style.

Embrace XV: Embark on a fragrant voyage through time with XV, inspired by the timeless elegance of Rose DeWitt Bukater. Revel in the regal Bulgarian rose and zesty citrus notes, embodying the grace and spirit of the early 20th century. With delicate violet undertones and sun-kissed California orange, XV transports you to an era where romance and beauty reign supreme, just as Rose cherished her enduring love on the Titanic.

Indulge in the Floral Bundle by Preposition Perfumery and immerse yourself in the enchanting worlds of Anastasia, Rebecca, and Rose. Each fragrance is a tribute to the timeless allure of iconic characters, inviting you to embrace passion, glamour, and elegance with every spritz.


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