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Follow Me – Monaco


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Follow Me – Monaco

“Follow Me” line, introduced by the captivating Laura Zaporojan, now takes you on an exquisite journey to Monaco. Introducing “Follow Me to Monaco”, a fragrance that encapsulates the spirit of Monaco’s opulence and grandeur. Drawing inspiration from her Moldovan heritage and her dynamic experiences in Manhattan’s fashion and high society, Laura infuses her distinctive flair into this mesmerizing perfume.

The intoxicating aroma of “Follow Me to Monaco” starts with a burst of fresh florals, reminiscent of the allure of the Mediterranean coast and the anticipation of romance in the Riviera. As it melds with the skin, it evolves into a sultry mix of creamy vanilla, opulent sandalwood, and a dash of exotic cinnamon. These elements intertwine seamlessly, crafting a fragrance that is profoundly feminine and irresistibly enticing, making it the ideal choice for a glamorous evening in Monte Carlo or a romantic sunset by the sea.

Painstakingly crafted with precision, “Follow Me to Monaco” is designed for the audacious and spirited woman. Whether you’re a visionary entrepreneur, an Ivy League scholar, or someone who simply cherishes every moment, this fragrance will be an emblem of your vivacity, echoing the fervor and self-assurance that characterize you.

Dive into the extravagance of “Follow Me to Monaco” and unveil a fragrance that will make you feel empowered, captivating, and truly memorable.

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Floral , Fresh

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