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Introducing “Gaza” by Preproduction Perfumery—a fragrance steeped in the rich history and resilient spirit of Palestine, designed to make a profound impact. With every purchase, all profits are donated to the International Refugee Committee’s initiative, Help Families in Gaza Now, aiding those in urgent need.

“Gaza” begins with a vibrant burst of watermelon, echoing the lushness of the Mediterranean landscape, paired exquisitely with the deep, enchanting aroma of Red Rose—a nod to the revered rose gardens of historical Palestine. A sprinkle of pink pepper adds a whisper of the region’s storied spice routes. At its heart, the fragrance blooms further with Red Rose and the delicate, fresh scent of raspberry bloom, embodying the enduring beauty and cultural richness of the land. The scent settles into a profound base of papyrus and amber, materials as ancient as the land itself, evoking the depth and persistence of Palestinian heritage.

This perfume is more than a scent—it’s a symbol of unity and support, a call to nurture and rebuild. Wearing “Gaza” is an embrace of solidarity, a contribution to hope, and a celebration of the indomitable spirit of a historic land.

This is not a political statement. This is a tribute to human resilience and cultural heritage, a chance to support a community through thoughtful contributions. This is an invitation to connect with a cause that transcends borders, driven by the power of compassion and shared humanity.

Note: 100% of all profits go to the International Rescue Committee (IRC)’s Help Families in Gaza Now.

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