Kassandra Kerstin – ALBA


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Kassandra Kerstin – ALBA

ALBA, a fragrance as captivating as the fabulous Kassandra Kerstin herself, is an ode to irresistible allure and indulgent sweetness. Just like Kassandra, ALBA is a masterpiece of sophistication and sensuality, a scent that demands attention and leaves an everlasting impression.

In its opening act, ALBA welcomes you with saffron and jasmine, much like the entrance of Kassandra into the world of excellence. Saffron, as rare and precious as her talents, casts a spell of fascination. Jasmine, with its delicate yet captivating sweetness, mirrors Kassandra’s graceful presence on the global stage.

As the fragrance evolves, it reveals its rich and seductive core. Amberwood, with its intricate layers, is a reflection of Kassandra’s multifaceted brilliance. Ambergris, a treasure from the depths of the sea, adds an element of mystery, akin to the intrigue that surrounds Kassandra’s remarkable journey.

The grand finale of ALBA is a foundation of earthy elegance, with fir resin and cedar. These base notes embody Kassandra’s strength and unwavering determination, echoing her remarkable journey in every spritz.

Kassandra Kerstin, a true luminary, has graced the hallowed halls of Harvard University and the University of Valle Cochabamba. Her academic prowess is seamlessly mirrored in ALBA’s intricate blend of notes, each representing a facet of her exceptional life.

But Kassandra is not just an academic star; she’s a fashion icon and a model of distinction. Her experiences on illustrious runways across Latin America and the United States infuse ALBA with an air of glamour and style that’s unparalleled.

With her expertise in fashion media, Kassandra Kerstin has not only walked the runway but also documented the ever-evolving world of fashion. ALBA, bearing her name, is a testament to the power of self-expression, confidence, and style.

ALBA by Kassandra Kerstin is more than a perfume; it’s a journey into the world of sophistication, sensuality, and the allure of high fashion. Embrace your inner fabulousness and make an unforgettable statement with ALBA. Indulge in the essence of Kassandra Kerstin’s charisma, for she is the true inspiration behind this sensational scent.

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