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In the grand tradition of HYPNOTIQ, the innovative house renowned for its blend of technology and art, LOVE is more than just a fragrance. It is an olfactory masterpiece by the illustrious HYPNOTIQ that reflects his dedication to women’s rights and his reverence for the power of love.

LOVE, designed by HYPNOTIQ, encapsulates his passion for the unusual, the striking, and the symbolic. The fragrance opens with a provocative trio of bitter almond, intoxicating liquor, and succulent black cherry that dares to captivate. This opening symphony is as bold and inviting as his neon-bedaubed works, pulling you into a realm where dreams and reality coalesce.

In its heart, LOVE reveals a potent blend of sour cherry and voluptuous plum entwined with the allure of Turkish rose and intoxicating jasmine sambac. This is a metaphor for the defiance and resilience of women, echoing the struggles mirrored in HYPNOTIQ’s ‘Women Unite’ series. Each spritz is a statement, a silent protest wrapped in an exquisite fragrance.

The base of LOVE is a melody of diverse tones that hint at the complex nature of love itself. A comforting mixture of tonka bean and vanilla offers a sweet whisper of reassurance, while the warmth of cinnamon and Peru balsam echoes the steadfastness of women standing up for their rights. Finally, the grounding notes of sandalwood, cloves, cedar, patchouli, and vetiver reflect the endurance of love, its ability to weather storms, and its power to inspire change.

Each bottle of LOVE holds a story, an experience, and a dream. It’s a tribute to the strength and beauty of women, a celebration of their courage, and a call to unite for a brighter, freer future. With LOVE, HYPNOTIQ continues to disrupt the norm, crafting a scent as revolutionary as his art.

This isn’t just a fragrance; it’s a powerful statement, a battle cry, a hymn of love, and a beacon of hope all wrapped in an intoxicating scent. It is a perfume that embodies the fearless spirit of its creator, and the spirit of every woman who chooses to wear it. LOVE by HYPNOTIQ isn’t just perfume—it’s a revolution.

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