Mariposa – St Moritz


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Mariposa – St Moritz

Inspired by the inherent elegance nestled in the Swiss Alps, this scent defines quiet luxury. The vision to bottle this up as a scent that transcends space and time was conceived on the lake of St. Moritz, at the Snow Polo World Cup. Although regal year-round, there is annually a brief time when the frozen lake is the center of a temporary yet magical land. Worldly crowds are drawn to this epicenter in mesmerized excitement. This perfume bursts with the energy of the polo ponies, the timeless style of each surrounding detail and of course, the definitive St. Moritz sunshine. Mornings greet you with fresh mountain air and entice you into snowy ski adventures, stirring your spirit, turning your cheeks rosy… Et après … Braulio, s’il vous plaît!
Step into the enchanting olfactory pleasure of the parfumerie curated by Mariposa. Mariposa’s fragrance St. Moritz artfully leads you into a surprising dance of Iris and Violet at the Top, followed by the captivating Middle Notes of Spice, Leather, and Musk. The allure continues throughout the day, guided by the captivating Base Notes of Smoked Sandalwood and Smoked Cedarwood that linger – a perfect harmony mirroring the picturesque landscape that inspired it. Teasing each of the senses, layer by layer, these notes come together in a symphony where they are individually unrecognizable yet synergistically ethereal.
Dr. Mariposa is a physician, a Grecian Francophile, a world traveler, and an adventure seeker in search of hidden global destinations. She is an avid learner and curiously fascinated with all things Egyptian. Animal lover. Art enthusiast. Soulful. Intellectual. Inquisitive. Notably, she is also a passionate healer and lover of life’s unique treasures.

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