Maryana Dzhokhadze- Artistique


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Maryana Dzhokhadze- Artistique

In the captivating world of Maryana Dzhokhadze, artistic expression is life’s essence. With the unveiling of “Artistique,” this artistic icon welcomes us into a fragrant panorama, where fine art converges with olfactory magic. Inspired by her diverse heritage, captivating journey, and unique perspective on life’s changes, “Artistique” encapsulates Dzhokhadze’s unyielding pursuit of meaning and beauty within imperfection.

“Artistique” commences with top notes of Rhubarb, Lychee, and Bergamot Essence. The fragrance radiates the brilliance of ylang-ylang, a luxurious floral note reflecting the untamed vibrancy of Dzhokhadze’s Odessa childhood. Paired with invigorating bergamot, the perfume’s opening extends an invitation as spirited and multifaceted as the artist herself.

As the fragrance’s heart unfurls, we encounter the essence of Dzhokhadze’s philosophical and artistic journey. Turkish Rose, Peony, and Vanilla intermingle, a blend evocative of Dzhokhadze’s exploration of diverse art forms – the layered richness of her canvas paintings, the emotive resonance of her monochrome photography, and the transformative energy of her performance art. Just like her creations, these elements intertwine, crafting a narrative that’s intricate yet beautifully harmonious.

The fragrance finds its foundation in base notes of Cashmeran, Musk, and Vetiver, reminiscent of Dzhokhadze’s roots and her fascination with metamorphosis. They echo her performance “Destroy & Love,” embodying her belief that destruction is but a precursor to rebirth and growth. An homage to her life’s philosophy – that every fracture is a chance for a stunning reassembly.

“Artistique” isn’t merely a perfume; it’s an intimate glimpse into Dzhokhadze’s singular worldview. Similar to her art, it narrates a tale, capturing her fervor for questioning reality and embracing change. From its spirited inception, through its thought-stirring core, to its profound depths, the fragrance embodies the odyssey Dzhokhadze undertakes as an artist.

Immerse yourself in “Artistique,” the fragrance of transformation, and perceive the world through the eyes of the remarkable Maryana Dzhokhadze. Just as her art encourages us to find allure in fragments and the unconventional, “Artistique” entices us to explore a new realm of scent, where the familiar merges with the unforeseen, creating something genuinely captivating.

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