Ugonna Achebe – Sugar Daddy


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Ugonna Achebe – Sugar Daddy

Introducing Sugar Daddy, the fragrance that’ll make you smell like you’ve earned your Ph.D. in the College of Suave Swagger and Cheeky Charm! Crafted by the Love Potion Picasso and HAHVAHD heart-melter, Ugonna Achebe – a man who’s so interesting, even his own reflection can’t resist flirting back.

Get ready to unleash the charm offensive with top notes of Bergamot, Blackcurrant, and Davana, an intoxicating trio as attention-grabbing as Ugonna’s spontaneous salsa dancing at a bus stop. These notes will tantalize your senses like Ugonna playing the ukulele with a cactus, leaving you craving more than just his hypnotic aroma.

As the fragrance enchants your senses, heart notes of Rose, Jasmine, and Osmanthus will spin a whirlwind of amorous allure, reflecting Ugonna’s legendary talent for securing partnerships with giants like Meta (formerly Facebook) and Google Nigeria. You’ll be as smitten as FirstBank Nigeria Plc when Ugonna winks and makes a grilled cheese sandwich using only his charisma.

To seal the enchantment, base notes of Patchouli, Vanilla, and Benzoin will swaddle you in a sinfully sweet cloud of temptation, reminiscent of Ugonna’s tenure as Principal of the one-of-a-kind Lekki School for the Incurably Fascinating. This scent is as smooth as Ugonna’s dance moves when he’s tangoing with friends and family, leaving broken hearts and blushing cheeks in his wake.

One spritz of this mystical concoction, and you’ll have the confidence to charm your way through any event – even the sultry soirées of the African Caucus meetings. Not quite like Ugonna himself, but close!

So, why wait? Unleash your inner sugar daddy (or sugar mamma) with this irresistible scent, and let the laughter, flirtation, and playful repartee soar to new heights! Because let’s face it, Ugonna’s got all the moves – on and off the dance floor.

Notes: Osmanthus . Davana . Blackcurrant . Patchouli . Vanilla . Jasmine . Benzoin . Bergamot

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