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Introducing DXI, an enigmatic and alluring perfume that captures the essence of the iconic femme fatale, Jessica Rabbit. Just like its muse, this captivating fragrance exudes an irresistible allure that leaves an unforgettable impression on everyone who encounters it.

DXI opens with a tantalizing burst of Bergamot, a radiant and sparkling citrus note that captures the vivacious energy and charm of Jessica Rabbit. The enchanting heart of the perfume unveils a seductive dance of Myrrh and Indonesian Patchouli, weaving a hypnotic spell of sensuality and mystery that mirrors Jessica’s magnetic persona.

At the core of DXI lies the intoxicating Bulgarian Rose, a symbol of passion and desire. This voluptuous, velvety note embodies the irresistible sensuality of Jessica Rabbit, evoking her sultry voice and luscious red lips that leave you longing for more.

The delicate embrace of Heliotrope weaves a soft and tender touch, reminiscent of the vulnerability and tenderness that lie beneath Jessica’s enigmatic exterior. This tender caress reveals her unwavering devotion to her beloved Roger Rabbit, proving that behind every seductress is a heart of gold.

As the scent unfolds, the rich warmth of Labdanum and creamy Vanilla create a captivating foundation, drawing you in closer to the bewitching aura of DXI. The alluring blend of Sandalwood infuses the fragrance with a sumptuous depth, enveloping you in an irresistible embrace that lingers long after the curtain falls.

DXI is a masterful olfactory tribute to the iconic Jessica Rabbit, weaving a tantalizing tapestry of seduction, mystery, and tenderness. This captivating fragrance invites you to lose yourself in its embrace, and like the timeless character who inspired it, leaves you breathless and utterly bewitched.

Notes:Bulgarian Rose . Almond . Myrrh . Heliotrope . Wood
Mood: Femme Fatale . Powdery . Pheromonal
Movie Character: Jessica Rabbit

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1.5ml (Sample) , 15ml , 30ml


Powdery , Sweet


Men , Unisex , Women

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