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Introducing “L” by Preproduction Perfumery – a mesmerizing fragrance inspired by the ethereal beauty of Snow White, evoking the magic of a winter’s tale. Step into a world where fashion and fantasy collide, as you immerse yourself in the snowy embrace of this enchanting scent.

As you enter the enchanted forest, a captivating top note of patchouli casts a spell of intrigue, its earthy depth guiding you along an icy path. The delicate sweetness of vanilla weaves a web of warmth around you, reminiscent of Snow White’s gentle heart beating amidst the frosted landscape.

The heart of this alluring potion is a tantalizing blend of smooth rum and seductive white musk, reflecting the duality of Snow White’s innocence and the beguiling allure of the forbidden. These enchanting notes whisper sweet nothings on the cool winter breeze, inviting you to indulge in the sumptuous secrets of the season.
Amber and jasmine dance like snowflakes in the air, their mesmerizing aromas weaving a tapestry of passion and desire. The warmth of amber contrasts beautifully with the cool elegance of jasmine, creating an irresistibly bewitching aura that surrounds you like a regal cloak.

The scent is anchored by a sophisticated base of woody notes, reminiscent of the enchanted forest’s sturdy trees, standing tall and proud against the winter’s chill. The earthy tones ground the fragrance, celebrating the harmony between nature and the alluring essence of Snow White’s spirit.
Embrace the magic of winter and the elegance of fashion with “L” by Preproduction Perfumery. This entrancing perfume captures the essence of Snow White and the beauty of a snow-kissed landscape, weaving an enchanting tale that lingers on your skin like a whispered secret.

Notes: Patchouli . Vanilla . Rum . White Musk . Amber . Wood . Jasmin
Mood: Fashion . Snow . Winter
Movie Character: Snow White

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1.5ml (Sample) , 15ml , 30ml


Fashion , Fresh , Powdery


Unisex , Women

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