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Introducing LXI, a mesmerizing creation by Preproduction Perfumery, inspired by the enigmatic character of Alfred Ludlow, the responsible and cautious protagonist from the iconic film, Legends of the Fall. This captivating fragrance captures the essence of Alfred’s strength, loyalty, and unyielding devotion to his family while invoking the passionate, unspoken desires that linger beneath the surface.

As the eldest son of the prestigious Ludlow family, Alfred embodies the spirit of aristocracy. LXI opens with the distinguished notes of cinnamon and pink pepper, reflecting the refinement and dignity of his upbringing. This spicy warmth mirrors the intensity of the bond between Alfred and his brothers, Tristan and Samuel, as they navigate the treacherous landscape of love and loyalty.

The heart of the fragrance unfolds with the enigmatic allure of patchouli and pimento bay, capturing the passionate and hidden desires that Alfred harbors for Susannah Fincannon, the woman who threatens to unravel the fabric of the Ludlow clan. These intoxicating notes represent the complexities of Alfred’s character, his unspoken love, and the emotional turmoil concealed beneath his poised demeanor.

The base of LXI reveals a rich blend of oakmoss and wood, symbolizing the steadfast resilience of the Ludlow family and the unwavering bond between the brothers. These earthy, grounding notes evoke the rugged beauty of the Montana wilderness, a backdrop that mirrors the tumultuous nature of Alfred’s inner landscape.

LXI is a fragrance that tells the story of Alfred Ludlow, a man torn between duty and desire, loyalty and longing. Embrace the refined elegance and passionate depth of this evocative scent, and let the spirit of Legends of the Fall come to life on your skin.

Notes: Cinnamon . Patchouli . Wood . Pink Pepper . Oakmoss . Pimento Bay
Mood: Waltz Dance . The Hamptons .  Aristocrat
Movie Character: Alfred Ludlow

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