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Embark on a captivating journey to the heart of Agrabah with VII, a mesmerizing fragrance inspired by the Sultan (from Aladdin), the benevolent ruler of the kingdom.

Immerse yourself in the Sultan’s aura of wisdom and authority, captured in the rich, woody accords of Arabian Incense and Leather. Let the enigmatic swirls of Smoke and Patchouli transport you to the Sultan’s opulent palace, where exotic spices and precious incense fill the air.

Beneath the Sultan’s jovial exterior lies a depth of character and emotion, reflected in the enigmatic notes of Cardamom and Oriental Wood. Cardamom’s warm, spicy notes hint at the Sultan’s hidden resilience, while the deep, earthy tones of Oriental Wood evoke his unwavering commitment to his people.

Amidst the Sultan’s regal demeanor, a heart of compassion beats strong, captured in the delicate floralcy of Sambac and the comforting warmth of Amber. Sambac’s sweet, intoxicating aroma represents the Sultan’s unwavering love for his daughter, Jasmine, while Amber’s rich, balsamic notes symbolize the warmth and security he provides to his kingdom.

VII is more than just a fragrance; it’s an invitation to embrace the Sultan’s multifaceted personality. Let its captivating aroma transport you to a world of enchantment, where wisdom, authority, compassion, and hidden depths intertwine.

Unleash the Sultan’s essence within you.

Notes: Arabian Incense . Leather . Smoke . Patchouli . Cardamom . Oriental Wood . Sambac . Amber
Mood: Arabian Bazzar
Movie Character: The Sultan

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1.5ml (Sample) , 15ml , 30ml




Arabian , Fashion

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