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Step into the world of glamour and desire with VM by Preproduction Perfumery, inspired by the iconic character Vivian Ward from Pretty Woman. This perfume encapsulates the multifaceted persona of Vivian, a modern-day Cinderella. Much like her journey from the streets to the penthouses, VM is a scent that transitions seamlessly from day to night.

VM opens with the delicate and bold essence of Rose, mirroring Vivian’s vulnerability and strength. The rich and velvety Wood notes represent her transformation into a woman of elegance. The mysterious Nutmeg captures the intrigue that defines Vivian’s character.

Just as Vivian’s life takes unexpected turns, this fragrance surprises you with the intriguing Neroli and the enigmatic Styrax. Saffron adds a touch of sophistication, a nod to her newfound confidence, while the zesty Orange and Artemisia represent the passion and vibrancy she brings into every room.

VM by Preproduction Perfumery is a tribute to the spirit of Vivian Ward, a symbol of empowerment, transformation, and the allure of a classic love story. It’s not just a perfume; it’s an embodiment of a modern-day fairy tale. Dare to be unforgettable, just like Vivian.

Notes: Rose . Wood . Nutmeg . Neroli . Styrax . Saffron . Orange . Artemisia
Mood: Cocktail Dress . Playful . Loud . Vivacious 
Movie Character: Vivian Ward

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1.5ml (Sample) , 15ml , 30ml


Arabian , Exotic , Floral , Sweet



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