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Indulge in the luminous world of Vanessa Bloome, the enchanting florist whose elegance and charisma are as captivating as the rarest blooms. Introducing XXII, a fragrance infused with the essence of Vanessa from the iconic Bee Movie.

As the first whisper of apple blossom graces your senses, you are instantly reminded of Vanessa’s delicate touch with flowers. A heart of golden honey follows, celebrating the sweet bond she shares with the bee world. Luxurious vanilla, reminiscent of Vanessa’s warmth and charm, intertwines with the sensuous allure of musk, reflecting her depth and multifaceted nature.

Citrus and bergamot add a playful zest, symbolizing Vanessa’s spirited adventures, from lively tennis matches to passionate courtroom battles. Grounded by the earthy notes of wood, this scent captures the resilience and determination of a woman who daringly bridges the worlds of humans and bees.

Yet, it’s the finishing touch of bergamot that truly epitomizes Vanessa’s fabulousness – its vibrant, unique aroma standing out just as she does in any room she enters.

XXII isn’t merely a fragrance; it’s an ode to a woman whose every move is poetry, whose essence is as unforgettable as the most intoxicating scent. Wrap yourself in this bouquet of elegance and let the world be entranced by your fabulous allure, just as they are with Vanessa Bloome.

XXII by Preproduction Perfumery – The epitome of fabulousness in every drop.

Notes: Apple Blossom . Honey . Vanilla . Citrus . Musk . Wood . Bergamot
Mood: Fashion Show . Liquor
Movie Character: Vanessa Bloome

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1.5ml (Sample) , 15ml , 30ml




Unisex , Women

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