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Introducing DI, a captivating elixir from Preproduction Perfumery, inspired by the enigmatic charm of Aladdin, the legendary hero from the classic Arabian tale. Surrender to the seductive allure of this magical potion, as it whisks you away on a flying carpet ride through the mesmerizing world of Arabian nights.

DI is a luxurious blend of enchanting notes that evoke the opulence of a Royal Palace and the dazzling atmosphere of the Dubai Mall. The spellbinding aroma of Oud is woven together with the earthy sensuality of Patchouli, creating a beguiling heart that resonates with the charm of the iconic street-smart hero.

The tantalizing allure of Tobacco merges with the mystical essence of Agarwood, transporting you to the exotic bazaars of Agrabah. Unravel the mystery of Saffron, as it intertwines with the warmth of Nutmeg, embodying the irresistible magnetism of Aladdin’s rags-to-riches journey.

Delve into the depths of Must, as it dances with the rich, sensual embrace of Leather, mirroring the forbidden passion between Aladdin and Princess Jasmine, destined to break the boundaries of social convention.

DI is an intoxicating perfume that bewitches the senses and draws you into a world of seductive adventure. It is the perfect scent for those who dare to embark on a journey of passion, mystery, and enchantment. Become the master of your own destiny with DI, the ultimate tribute to Aladdin’s irresistible charm and the magical world of Arabian nights.

Notes: Oud . Patchouli . Tobacco . Agarwood . Saffaron . Nutmeg . Must . Leather
Mood: Arabian Palace . Dubai Mall
Movie Character: Aladdin

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Arabian , Royal


Men , Unisex

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